Midnight (Repost)

Figured I'd go back into the vault and repost one of my oldest poems. There are a lot of good ones from the blog's early months! (New poems are scheduled for posting this weekend, promise!) I wrote this one a few years back when I was feeling a little more down and doubtful about my place in the world. It is our responsibility to constantly revisit the dark corners of our minds and accept who we were, who we are. While these thoughts are not mine now, I had serious doubts when I wrote this. This poem is inspired by the classic poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas, which was featured in the Christopher Nolan movie "Interstellar". I hope you enjoy this poem, but remember: don't let the darkness within yourself grab a hold of you.


The Seeds

I recon that personal relationships are like farm soil, where each date experience nurtures the ground and sets the stage for a seed to sprout. A person’s romantic landscape is rather barren when they’ve gone long stretches of time without the experiences necessary for the seedings. Romance requires cultivation of multiple seeds, some more developed … Continue reading The Seeds


What do you think about this statement? Agree or disagree? Anonymity on the internet is like having a wallet. It’s an important tool you have and the first thing you stress for. It stores your identity safely and protects your finances. But make one tiny mistake and you risk losing it forever.


Loosely based on stories I’ve heard from those who have to deal with difficult moments in their lives. Life isn’t always easy. For some, it’s hard to cope. For their loved ones, even harder when they know.