Feed The Right Wolf

Hey everybody! Here is a short poem to finish off the day. For those of you suffering from addiction, or for those of you dealing with other kinds of difficult times, this one’s for you.


Two Wolves CNN



Foster the day, that inner light
or feed the darkness, that which denigrates.
This is the eternal struggle of those on the thread
between a life of plenitude and one of dread.

It is as the old Cherokee told his grandson:
the one that wins is the one you feed.
Herein lies the path where growth is begun:
foster the feeding that good feelings need.

Feeble are the minds overcome with failure,
living by the whims of their every temptation.
But free are the souls who are their own saviour,
free to pursue prospects of chosen ambition.

Feed that right wolf that wins you your freedom,
not the one that chains you to your doom.
Cater not to the festering needs of your demons,
but rather, to your own, to your life free of gloom.