Impossible Standards

Hi everybody! Here’s a poem about things I’ve experienced on the dating scene. I either feel like people’s standards are too high on the markt or they’re not trusting of the guys with good intentions. Which is fine. But I’m hoping to show the honest guy’s interpretation of these situations through this poem.

Please keep in mind that not everyone experiences the same things when they’re on the dating scene. The verses on this poem reflect my impressions, and mine alone. They aren’t meant to be offensive, just to show how frustrating things can get.

I hope you like it.


MPasho - Rejecion

Cr: MPasho


An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète. 
I wait for you to speak,
but you don’t say a word.
Your motions are meek,
and pensive to avoid discord.
I open my heart, unrequited,
hoping for some change of fortune
only to find this conversation abandoned,
and a continued misfortune.
I wait for what feels like years
from an answer on your behalf,
but confirmed are my fears,
that our prospect makes you laugh.

Your contemptuousness is tactless,
the hallmark of the beautiful elite.
Do I have any hope of a chance
to rise above conditions I must cheat?
Your beauty houses impossible standards
unattainable for us mere mortal men,
whose attraction is lost to restrictive slander
and bound for rejection again and again.
Fairness is faltered when faced with beauty
over which men can hardly ever sway.
Here I am, honoring my inner duty,
with no possibility of pulling you my way.

You look upon me like you’re levels above,
like a queen seated before her suitors.
Me and mine fellows compete for your love,
but only I remain the lesser jester.
Yours are impossible standards
that I can’t come close to reach.
Were it not for ambitions unanswered,
I may never have given this speech.
Now I must move on towards another,
or abandon my search altogether.
Do consider these words, would-be lover,
upon searching for someone better.