Accountability Disclaimer & Policies


The Writer’s Corner strives to be as open as possible, but there are certain elements on the site that people may take notice for the wrong reasons or may realize is theirs. That being said, here are a few points to keep in mind.

1. If there is a picture on our blog which is incorrectly credited and it belongs to you or you know who is the rightful owner, please notify the blog as soon as possible so that we can make the change. You never know what can happen, but we don’t want to get hit with a lawsuit.

2. We are always open to change and improvement. We also realize that some of the words written in the content posted here can be offensive to certain people. That being said, we cannot please everybody. We are a center-left leaning blog that believes in equality and freedom for all while also believing in a certain measure of freedom of speech. We cannot restrict anything and everything from being said about anyone.

3. Keeping # 2 in mind, we will apologize if we feel we have crossed a line. Our community is important to us, and we hope that you will stand by us no matter what.

This being said, if you ever have a comment about the content and would like to help us improve our site, we are always welcome to constructive comments!


The Writer’s Corner will strive:

– to be a weekly-updated website, with fresh new poems as the cornerstone of the Blog;
– to be an open space for ideas that benefit the whole of mankind;
– to encourage positive relations between all peoples.


– We will not respond to any spam comments. As soon as they are shown, they will be deleted.

– In an effort to protect privacy in an age of increased invasion and hacking, authors may choose to remain anonymous when posting articles. It is recommended to use a nickname when posting.

– Any ethnophobic posts involving death threats or threats of violence will be treated with extreme prejudice and deleted immediately. The users will be blocked.

– This website is dedicated to inclusion and openness to diversity. New posts will be reviewed to ensure they follow the guidelines and values of the website.