This is “The Writer’s Corner”. This is a Canadian blog run by me, Coeur d’un Poète. I will be posting original creative features like poetry, opinion pieces, and much more, if I have the time.

As for myself, there’s not much to tell. The handle “Coeur d’un Poète” is a knockoff of a Quebec artist named “Coeur de Pirate”. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and I aspire to become a more varied writer at times, but I’ve never yet considered leaning professionally. I’ve studied to become a teacher at one point, then veered off and went another way – towards finance and admin.

But most importantly of all: I am a millennial, and I have a job. Not this one, mind you, but I have one! I have a balanced outlook on life and I tend to see most things in a holistic manner. However, I don’t exactly trust the internet, so I will keep this a propos short.

My main thing when writing poetry is to write what I see and feel, good or bad. Whether or not it makes sense is for you to decide, but I will write it anyway. Some people write poems that are more hands-on and more concrete, while I’ve always had a passion for the abstract stuff. That’s not to say I don’t like the concrete – I can do both.

I’m looking forward to the journey that we’ll be taking in this blog, and I’m always open to add other aspiring writers to “The Writer’s Corner” team. If you would like to add to this relatively new blog by posting your written creations here, I would love to welcome them and you! Just hit the “Contact” button on the menu, and follow the instructions there. 🙂

I do want to request that you let me know if you want to share the content on this site. Please follow ettiquete and courtesy and, you know…not forget to credit the post’s author when sharing. I really appreciate and would like to focus on this point.

– CD’P


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