The Mantle

I took a deep breath

and walked down the street,

snowy and icy, having been for weeks,

and not near any warmer « relief ».

If only others could hear what I did,

feel exactly what I did,

they would know what the mantle is,

this responsibility for more than human need.

I felt the wintery breeze as the night was nigh,

sensing the rush of snow run by,

the crush of snow on my boots’ heels,

inanimate moments enough to keep me company.

It’s no secret that I have no kindred,

feeling like a hermit at heart,

never felt the need for others’ earthly desires,

no, I alone have seen something far higher.

The mantle shelters all, but few can claim

the responsibilities as well as the blame

for the state of the world we should be caring for

yet turn over at every opportunity.

This is a mantle of nature, in all forms,

green or white, whether cold or warm.

We should care for the seeds that spring life,

not wreck the soil and fuel fury in strife.

The mantle is a calling, a greater sense of purpose,

but are we it’s masters, or only the mere mastered?

Are we truly prepared for this burden of command,

or will we crumble under the pressure of demands?


Were it so easy

Were it so easy,

tyrants would be toppled

by reason and logic

that shelters all.

The mantle of man’s longevity

belongs to all humans,

equally, and without constraint

from those too powerful.

Were it so easy,

money could not exist,

the rich be unmasked,

hollow shells of themselves.

Greed grasps his profits

through his slimy hands

that have eased away

from earning by work.

Were it so easy,

revolution would be unnecessary,

a movement of equality

having made its’ mark.

No, the war is lost,

owned by the same

folk who have riches

and manipulated struggles past.

Were it so easy,

rights would be clear:

living beings have them,

tools, weapons – not so.

How little we value

the living, breathing things,

and glorify on shrines

instruments of our doom.

Were it so easy,

truth would stand alone,

proven by our experiences,

and reasoned through science.

Instead, it’s an opinion,

a tightly-clinged worldview,

where faith is somehow

more valid than fact.

Were it so easy,

you all would listen.

But between our wars,

environmental disasters and distractions,

greed corrupting human action

and mindless faithful inaction,

we want for nothing,

never really, ever learning.


Awaken. Be woken.

Feel the rise of your inner light.

You have been walking, yet sleeping,

unaware that you were really living.

Don’t tread the common path so lightly,

running through the motions of mediocrity.

You are more than the masses’s moods

and can measure your own mind’s adequate food.

A mindful essence values true conscience,

cared for by a body, in balance.

See past the surface, beyond how things seem,

path the conflicts of spirit and science.

True knowledge is within us, and others,

and how we challenge conceptions of nature.

Let them fight their wars. Be woken,

and tread aware on the path you walk.

Reflections on values

When you open your heart

and hope to find a common beat,

you’re not expecting to prove your decency

in the face of another’s perceived purity.

Values and virtues vie for open, caring behaviours

giving wide berths to beings built by endeavours.

If your values keep you from true experiences,

they are a hinderance, not a help for your romance.

There is no purity in doing nothing

if you thumb your nose at every little thing.

There is no life to be found in things you can’t accept,

for life itself is more than just the religious concept.

The more we restrict, the more we’re twisted

away from what’s truly beautiful in the world.

No amount of faithful closure creates meaningful change

to a world needing openness and unrestricted care.

This is the irony of those with pious purity,

their words of sanctimony being acted on so wrongfully.

No amount of faith can solely fuel the human experience

if faith founds a worldview fickle with fictionous arrogance.

One who has values needs not believe,

and is valorous enough by the way they live.

If they do not judge, nor treat others with shame,

then they have done enough for their claim to fame.

Values are reflected through courtesy and common decency,

whatever faith or skin, traditional or same sex love groupings of humanity.

One can be so pious, follow all the rules,

and still fail the test of adequately reflecting these values.

Weather VS Man

It is cold outside.
Temperatures could fall below minus forty degrees celsius
or lower – enough to freeze one’s face off.

And yet, I don’t complain.
For it’s not like it’s the weather’s fault
or that it has a mind of it’s own.

It is subject to the whims of climate and varying patterns
that are changing the way we experience each season,
also without fault or control of their own.

I can, however, blame humans for consumption
and wastefulness, a general carelessness
for the land and souls we’re meant for as caretakers.

That which we don’t return to the soil
fuels a gap, a natural consequence demanding compensation,
and climate commands it so by changing.

The more we take, the more the world wants back,
acting against our innate talent for survival,
and climate reacts to mankind’s ever-widening impact.

To live in a democracy

We are democratic because our cultural genetics value individual voice,
the value we place in each person equally, right or wrong.
But each individual’s voice is treated the same, equally,
with the same weight, and accorded the benefit of the doubt.

A democracy does not function when it is bought,
nor when it favours one class of people over the others,
but only when the egalitarian principles it values are presented properly,
independent of influence, aristocracy, currency or commune plutarchy.

Democracy functions when views are heard, but truth is objective,
viewed out of man’s continuum lens separating left from right.
When the institutions set to keep us all in check function as intended,
this still imperfect system yet works at it’s best.

Currency of compassion and mistrust

It takes three kinds of people
to scale the tone of a debate.
Totalitarians and equalitarians alike,
staunchly opposed, but mere sides of a coin,
and the moderates for each, the thin middle ring,
the thin line between those who don’t share
and those who choose to share too much,
they are lost in the furor of each side’s follies.
The proverbial political coin flips for terms,
but hardly stands tall on it’s round edge,
without gravity’s pull to either side –
a consistent political tug-of-war for policy call.
The line between mistrust and compassion
is constantly shrinking, like the thin of the coin’s edge,
lost in the debates, blurred by policy and action,
and without the bridge between warring worldviews.
Lost, and so few, are those with a moderate approach,
hidden in differing illusions of black and white.
Truly, democracy’ coins are minted with thinner edges –
it’s a wonder it’s currency still pulls at all.


On thought

No one can really think for themselves

because pure independent thought

would be chaotic.

Without a common thought, we could

find ourselves drifting in a flood

of hostile human identity.

Much like society, we would be lonely

And would find that our arguments

carry little weight alone.

Much like governance, we sacrificed

our pure independent paths for a one

and common order.

Amidst that common order,

there are various camps of thought

you can choose to belong to.

Thoughts of self and progeny defence

were conceded for common cause and defence

which is now the struggle in debates.

In the same vein, independent thought

is impossible, because we’re always cast

in one group or another.

With every camp having their own systems

of fiction and truth, there is no shortage

in collective manner of thought.

These days, it’s warring between camps of

free speech and true equality driving

the rational divide.

Are we free thinkers, our rivals drones,

or are both camps really sheep in free thinkers’ clothing?

That is the question.

This being said, the original question

was whether our systems allow us to think for ourselves,

to which I state:

If we were to think for ourselves,

we would need to abandon all our brethren,

and live without contact.

We require fellow human contact to think,

to grow, to strengthen or challenge the status quo.

Therefore, none can truely think alone.

Rising above the past year

Let bygones be bygones.

Take the chance to break through.

I am undaunted by the challenges around,

and I set my sights to the great beyond.

Born again, we rise anew

and above the weaknesses that anchored.

They are born to grow, generations old and young

To shatter patterns predicting their actions.

Meet new people, see new places

let this new year be the dawn of fresh perspectives.


Happy new year to our followers! TWC wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous new year.

Over the new year, I’m hopeful that we can grow the number of followers and content on the blog.

We will be hitting our one year anniversary in February. Here’s to growing even more in the new year!