The Mantle

I took a deep breath and walked down the street, snowy and icy, having been for weeks, and not near any warmer « relief ». If only others could hear what I did, feel exactly what I did, they would know what the mantle is, this responsibility for more than human need. I felt the wintery breeze … Continue reading The Mantle


Were it so easy

Were it so easy, tyrants would be toppled by reason and logic that shelters all. The mantle of man’s longevity belongs to all humans, equally, and without constraint from those too powerful. Were it so easy, money could not exist, the rich be unmasked, hollow shells of themselves. Greed grasps his profits through his slimy … Continue reading Were it so easy


Awaken. Be woken. Feel the rise of your inner light. You have been walking, yet sleeping, unaware that you were really living. Don't tread the common path so lightly, running through the motions of mediocrity. You are more than the masses's moods and can measure your own mind's adequate food. A mindful essence values true … Continue reading Awaken.


On thought No one can really think for themselves because pure independent thought would be chaotic. Without a common thought, we could find ourselves drifting in a flood of hostile human identity. Much like society, we would be lonely And would find that our arguments carry little weight alone. Much like governance, we sacrificed our … Continue reading Thought