A collection of verses – I

A flower, without nature or nurture, is doomed to wither. Death is an inescapable destination in the course of life. Growth is essential to find the essence of a being. Stagnation is a danger that strikes whenever growth is stunded. New opportunities are to growth as success to advancement.


On Outward Perfection

Fear is a powerful motivator, but the worst of the influencers. When you close yourself off to others it had better be to make yourself better. You curl up in a ball for better protection and to facilitate innate introspection against the dangers of the hostiles outside that seem, for you to be little more … Continue reading On Outward Perfection

A collection of verses

If you're going to write a poem, you generally write one about life. To write about life in it's entirety, you need to write about all it's aspects - not just the positive and doctored moments you see on social media. There are hard times that need to be spoken by the brave few who mention them, and acknowledged by the wise who pay attention. This is a collection of thoughts for all those living in darkness with no way out. This can be written by anyone, spoken by anyone, anyone who's going through a hard time. Here's to you.