Seeking Glory in the wrong places

You are born to die, in this, there's nothing to deny. Your life is too fleeting and filling to ever wait for fortunes yet to be changing. Your scope of vision be too small to see the minutiae masquerading around and you'll rise and fall well before you're returned to the ground.   You cannot … Continue reading Seeking Glory in the wrong places


Feed Love, not Fear (Part Two – Poem)

Which wolf are you feeding? When the dust settles, and the flesh on your bones fades away, what will they say about you? The marginalized, persecuted, diminished and discriminated? That you were little more than feared, hated, and resented? If you continue to fear the other, the prosperity they are promised to bring, claiming to … Continue reading Feed Love, not Fear (Part Two – Poem)

Feeding the Fiction

Absent-minded are the beings fed with false news and forced advertisement, always living in a manner consistent to confinement, who yet believe they're destined for greater things. Foolish are those who call their fellows blind, yet surrender fully to falsehoods and follies of fiction, who ignore social foundations at the core of cohesion, and make … Continue reading Feeding the Fiction