Seeking Glory in the wrong places

You are born to die,

in this, there’s nothing to deny.

Your life is too fleeting and filling

to ever wait for fortunes yet to be changing.

Your scope of vision be too small

to see the minutiae masquerading around

and you’ll rise and fall

well before you’re returned to the ground.


You cannot spend your days chasing the calls

of greatness and glory found in great halls.

You can’t be grand if glory wasn’t your destiny,

or force your hand on another’s journey.

Let you be you, and history be the judge

of joys and sorrows we ought to begrudge.

Narrow your vision, fill yourself with purpose

and let the world decide what is worse.


For far longer after your passing,

will your feats really be getting them talking?

Does your glory really make you that greater

in the scope of the world’s wider matters?

Nations crumble, institutions bound to fall

and their wake leaves little but rubble.

In the impermanence of it all,

how would you choose to stand tall?


Would you choose to chase elusive glory,

the gluttenous, yet ugly seed of memory?

Or would you strive in honesty to be the better being

and let others praise the inner greatness you bring?

It is not our place to pick and choose

the kind of life we’re still fated to loose.

Yet, to let ourselves live small and well

is to lead others to the model tale we still tell.


Feed Love, not Fear (Part Two – Poem)

Which wolf are you feeding?

When the dust settles, and the

flesh on your bones fades away,

what will they say about you?

The marginalized, persecuted,

diminished and discriminated?

That you were little more than

feared, hated, and resented?

If you continue to fear the other,

the prosperity they are promised to bring,

claiming to be defending your rights

in the fight against so called “oppressive culture”,

washing and vanishing of majority mastery,

and yet, you act as both oppressor and aggressor

towards the rights of the feared other,

than tell me, what do you become?

Let the truth of your deeds, the shame

of your essence be told,

your name forever forgotten

and shamed on after your passing.


Feed love, not the fear of the foreign

that hasn’t been proven to be a threat.

Find knowledge, not ignorance

in the face of these avatars of alterity.

You cannot claim rationality without

the facts that found the basis of reason,

without hearing their first-hand account

or having lived in the other being’s shoes.

You need to understand where they’ve gone,

what it is they’ve done to find the promise

of salvation, through the promised land

of a nation fit and free for all.

Your hate and suspicion creates the situation

radicalising the margins that bordered

the fringes of our social nation

leading to the continuation of your fixations –

thus, feeding the cycle of endless superstitions

about one another’s guiding motivations.

Hate goes both ways, and what the dominant

group reiterates, the other reciprocates.


So tell me: which wolf are you feeding?

When the dust settles, and the

flesh on your bones fades away,

what will they say about you?

Will you fight for love, for the dream

of an honest and open human nation,

or propagate the doom of the

unending cycle of hate?

Feed love, not Fear (Part One – Prelude)

Take a stand for what’s right, not as a person being fed fearful non-morals, but as a caring individual able to distinguish between wrong and right.

Before you read the poem, there’s something I need to get off my chest. I’m getting so sick of seeing despicable people show up on the news for all the wrong reasons. After hearing about yet another public figure being harassed by an ignorant, unfiltered alt-righter, I hope this message passes on to others so that we can work to end the destructive cycle of fear and hatred. I’m not of a religious minority (such as muslim) myself, nor am I a member of any other visible or unvisible minority, but I have a moral obligation as a thinking individual and a liberal to stand up for these and others who are persecuted by a “majority” that claims to be itself persecuted.

There’s no common sense in hate, no rationality to be found in despising another human being. 

Hatred is commonplace around the world but especially in North America, where there are long histories of oppression resulting from fear.

Under the religious lens, people are running amok because they’re terrified of Muslim Sharia Law being applied in western nations and anything foreign enough that makes them fear for their rights as free individuals. Don’t you think there are Muslims and members of many other religious groups fleeing similar persecution in their homelands? If you’re one of these people running amok and afraid of all that believes and behaves differently than you, NEWSFLASH: every religion, every culture on Earth is guilty of the same thing. Every majority has imposed it’s faiths and beliefs on natives and minorities all across the globe for centuries. 

But this doesn’t end at religion – it’s just general fear and disdain for anything that is different. Skin color, nationality, chosen gender, sexual orientation, you name it. People are being singled out and discriminated against because they are different than what the code of tradition says is normal. It’s seems counter-intuitive, but certain political orientations of individuals (that should somehow believe in individual prosperity, free from collective control and freedoms of faith and existence) are the collectives ironically continuing to impose their will on others. Bless me for thinking this was the age of individuality, where each person’s positive contributions can make a difference in the strength of the collective and the differences they bring to the table are valued. Apparently, we’re still in the times of petty tribalism. 

I’m also sure you’ve heard this sentence before: “Go back to your country!” For most people, regardless of faith or skin color, any applicable modern western country is “their country”. I’ve got friends from different minority groups who are excellent, upstanding citizens of the law, born in the same country that I was, and are so more often upstanding than the underreported citizens of said majority who tend themselves to commit violent acts and behaviours in the name of their faith or racial purity. Everyone has a right to live, yet some people apparently believe this applies more to them than others.

We’ve all heard the warning signs but we keep repeating the same mistakes. You know what they say about those who ignore history…

Please, just make it stop. You’re making me sick. This is not how the world should be run. You can’t expect to go around scaring everybody with something that likely won’t happen, threatening to take away people’s rights just to reassert your dominance, and ensure the world runs according to the way you see fit. Can’t we all just get along, regardless of our differences? Isn’t one of the main tenents of our socialization, be it religious or otherwise, to treat people as we would want them to treat us – with care, love and respect?

Do me a favour, all you who are fearful – go out and talk to those who are different than yourself, and do so without judgement. Learn their story, whether it’s about their faith, skin color, gender orientation or inner love, and come to an informed decision as to how these people really are. Sure, there are bad eggs in certain groups, but they’re a tiny fraction that should be given no heed and should not reflect the entire group. Is that honestly what you’d want them to think of you? And most important of all: do you really want to live in fear your whole life? Don’t let fear cloud your judgement.

Let me say again what I said at the start: There’s no common sense in hate, no rationality to be found in despising another human being. Hate and bigotry are not cool. It’s time to stop acting like children and, as a collective humanity, act as adults. It’s time to grow up. I seriously question your right to profess a higher morality than me if you’re complaning about your freedom of speech being taken away from you. Your freedom of speech has limits, especially when it’s hateful, and infringes on the rights of other people to speak or to live too. 

For those of you being persecuted in your homeland and in your new home, for those of you who are persecuted in your rightful lands, for those discriminated due to their faith, gender, and inner love, you have a home here. You have a home anywhere, and with anyone who sees you as I do. But most importantly, you have a home with me. 

Be the positive change you want to see reflected in the world around you


(I’m aware I may have veered off topic a little there, but I hope my point is crystal-clear. I will be following this post with my poem.)

Feeding the Fiction

Absent-minded are the beings

fed with false news and forced advertisement,

always living in a manner consistent to confinement,

who yet believe they’re destined for greater things.

Foolish are those who call their fellows blind,

yet surrender fully to falsehoods and follies of fiction,

who ignore social foundations at the core of cohesion,

and make claims that threaten the fabric of our kind.

They are feeding the closed loop of their fictions,

never to see the wisdom without, through well-known fact.

These are moral-less beings with little love or tact,

forever forgotten in the enclosure of their vision.

Nothing but darkness and despair come from their ambition

to return the world to restrictions of  lesser thinkers.

These people created the world they yet fight and anger

and now they sit in rebellion against the fiction they were feeding.