First Update – Off for a Month

Hey everyone! I figure I should try to give everyone an update on the processes for this site. I won’t do this often, but I will let you know what goes on, if there’s anything new or if there’s been any delay in new posts.

I’ve been off for a month doing adult things: working to earn my pay, working on improving myself as a person (also, dealing with some personal stuff), and most recently, having gone on a vacation. But now, I’m back, and I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine of posting poems. I just posted one, but I feel a little rusty, so I’ll have to work on it when I have the time. I appreciate everyone who still follows my blog and I’m hoping to reward your commitment and interest with more content.

Before going on hiatus (if you want to call that), I was mulling over adding a new french-language blog to the roster. I have the blog’s format ready to go with a few poems posted, but I haven’t made the blog available to the internet yet. It’s not like I have all the time in the world to do that – working by day in a field that does not involve writing poems or stories for a living is a slight deterrent to adding content in blogs that involve those things. Plus, Weekly Writing Prompts hasn’t been busy either, and I run these blogs solo, so it adds a lot to my plate. I’ve had to shave off a lot of things in my life just to maintain what I’ve already got, and it took a lot just to get back to this blog. Long story short, that other blog is stuck in the “development hell” phase, if you want to call it that.

Finally, as always, I’m still looking for help in running the blog. Because of what I mentioned earlier, I can’t necessarily run the blog alone, which by doing so will cause it to go silent for certain periods of time. But if you are or you know someone interested in helping run or just contributing to the blog, please send me a message at I’m always happy to follow up with you regarding this and would love to grow the “team”. I wrote “team” like that because, obviously, it’s just me. But I hope that’s not going to be the case for much longer.

Keep writing!




Hey everyone! Here is a new short poem after being away for over a month. Life gets busy – you all know this! I’m a little rusty – please be patient as I get back up to speed. 🙂

Witness the wake, the return and rise
of the wise and wilful, fulfilled from a journey
that jogged the mind and justly mustered the suprise
arising in the reinvention of aspiring rediscovery.
Priorities have restored their primacy
in guiding the growth of one towards their objectives
and pushed fortunes from poor to plenty,
guiding the gallant reborn through a new perspective.

Ashes become ashes, and are ashes once again,
until the final form forces the masses in shape.
Seven cycles of failiure do not a failiure maintain
if the eighth finds success, and shatters its’ fate.
The Phoenix forms from the fires of pain,
and fills the being from a vacuum of nothing.
From the void, the being has but much to gain
if it breaks the chains of struggle and lacking.