One Nation under Man

Human Unity

(Cr: Shutterstock)

(An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète)
Foster the future of the populations of people
who live and breathe on the bureaucracy
of the political structures that were promoted
once before, on the promise of once proud nations.
One nation, under man, not a meaningless God
who neither helps nor nurtures those in distress,
or debating against destructive, reasonless demonstrations
that blindly follow the bindings made by repressive men
without regard for the rule of the righteous man
as their regard of righteousness remains in religion
but the separation of church and state is systematically
the only sober future that will sustain our existence.

One nation under God? No, I prefer my fellow man,
who is unmoved by unrealistic moralistic laws,
that does not discriminate or differ between men,
that sees all genders and loves as human extensions.
One nation under man, the notion of new knowledge,
inquiry under the liberty of our innate intelligence,
that gives a chance to the mysteries and masteries of man
and where answers are nor forsaken, nor forbidden.
Unwarranted are these wars that wedge gaps between us
when we wear the same form of water and bone,
when all that widens gaps are varying faiths in a god
too insecure and absent to warrant continued want.

One nation under man, finally self-fulfilling
that abandoned their fictions and freely adulted,
that became rational, rising to the fore of the front
in science, systems, and the symbols of society.
Grasping destiny, desiring to develop more
of the demonstrative, developing inquirer within,
this one nation under man can begin
when the gods of children are lost and forgotten.


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