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An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète.

Another critical juncture is upon us,
this space between falsehoods and facts.
It’s a cycle repeated through our existence,
the déjà-vus of life, death, and the like.

We are in a constant time of war,
the warfare waged on man by both sides.
There are no countries or ancestries
but only humans harming each other.

We have mastered the nuclear means
to clear our species off the board,
to wipe Planet Earth’s slate clean,
and free itself of the human infestation.

There is an urgency to survive
that no one seems to see or heed,
too caught up in the shouting match
to see the harm that hides in plain sight.

There’s the plight of inhumane puritains,
with no grounded grasp of intricate reality,
and the proactive push of leftist egalitarians,
fanatically protective and restrictive on rights.

In varying degrees, all one and the same,
caught up in man’s tugging of ethics and traits.
These are the times that define the nation,
the notion of what it means to be a human.

Caught in the crossfire of human feebleness
are the young and decent, our future hopes,
and the old & experienced, with wisdom to spare,
who want to come together and save our Earth.

The common citizen, model & exemplary
is made to choose a side in the progressing struggle
to shape the hearts, minds, and futures
of the population now made to fear & hate. 

We are at the critical juncture of humanity,
of our existence and survival in the universe,
where our survival should be paramount
and the needs of many are it’s testament.

What does this say about the human spirit
when words of comfort are lost in manipulation?
When words meant to bring together
are false faith or the consequence of politics?

This is the juncture of warring wills,
where words are lost without being spent,
where weapons are real and wills are weak
and the human fire is tempered, feared & hated.

When does it all end, this warring for want
so that we build for the betterment of all?
When does it start, our common ancestry,
to push our progression beyond pains of old?


Writer’s note:

Hi everyone! Family members have always told me that the two things that drag people down are usually always politics and religion. I normally don’t post anything related to Politics or Religion on my blog, but that is changing with this post. Keeping all this in mind, I felt that, given the times we are in, it is important to bring up both in this poem and talk about how best to continue our progress and our march forward. Politics and religion are both an effort on the part of both sides to encourage and generate dialogue. We need to be working together to solve problems, not accusing each other of being the hurdle to these issues.

When you’re at your workplace, your company will usually have a created set of values to guide its’ workers. One common thing that they will say is that communication is key. If you don’t communicate, problems don’t get solved. In the same line of thought, problems don’t get solved if we’re too busy blaming each other for our own problems.

We need to work together to solve our problems, and we need to learn to communicate, to convice each other that we’re working towards a common goal. If we want things to change, we can’t allow ourselves to remain inactive. Shying away from difficult conversations won’t make them go away.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your continued support of “The Writer’s Corner”!

– Cd’P


Author: Coeur d'un Poète

I'm an Arts graduate now making a living in the world of business. I've had a passion for poems and stories before all of this. C'est la vie. Bilingue, ENG-FRA.

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