Motorized Freedom

Here is a brand new poem for this weekend. For all of you motorcycle lovers out there!


Motorbike and City

(cr: Stern Law, LLC)


An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète.


I can remember the feeling,
riding on my dad’s former motorbike,
feeling the wind blowing by,
as we sped on past motorists alike.

The physical danger, outweighed by freedom,
is drowned in the moments and scenery
that shared with me their wisdom
thanks to this piece of machinery.

The journey on a bike is long
but lasting, and filled with fair lands,
a beautiful nature to which we belong
accessible through the gears at our hands.

I hear the motor, what a nuisance,
the continuous rumble and tussle,
but it’s the tool of acceptance
of a journey long, but wholly enjoyable.

(For my uncle).

Author: Coeur d'un Poète

I'm an Arts graduate now making a living in the world of business. I've had a passion for poems and stories before all of this. C'est la vie. Bilingue, ENG-FRA.

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