Of Life and living.

One of my favourite original poems written to the style of poets of old. I hope you enjoy this latest addition. 🙂



Credit: NOAA

An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète.


Herein lies the unsung truth of life
I have learned, and impart unto you –
that life, like plants, withers without substance
as living in action is like water and sun.
Without nourishment, the soul cannot but wither,
shrink and weaken, like a spiritual winter.
Living is to life as walking to a toddler –
the key of growth and path to prosper.

The being impervious to life is a hardened shell
who rings hollow of wisdom or knowledge.
They are widowed ones, once married to lives,
now bereft of passion or discharged of ambition.
Their gifts are fruitless, and hollow as night
when the lively ones are but radiant light.
Life, like these gifts, is a contrast of substance
but neither is never, nor ever shall it last.

Seize the day that is, not that was,
nor one that may never come to be.
This grand anthem of opportunity, for you and me
must never go unsung, and never not passed on.
Herein lie the unsung truths of life
I have learned, and imparted unto you.
Let the echo of action sound the anthem of ambition
and live the life you were born to be living.

Author: Coeur d'un Poète

I'm an Arts graduate now making a living in the world of business. I've had a passion for poems and stories before all of this. C'est la vie. Bilingue, ENG-FRA.

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