Here are three quick rhyming shorts for you. Three varying themes.

  1. If silence could speak,
    then words would be wasted.
    Truthfully, silence is louder than words
    when nothing worthy is said.
  2. Patience is mightier than the sword,
    and yet, is a sword in itself.
    While the impatient weaken with rash action,
    the patient stay strong and undaunted.
  3. Modesty is unbecoming of dishonest men
    who disturb the honor of modest men.
    For false modesty is no modesty at all
    if there be hidden motives to the honest man.

    by Coeur d’un Poète

Author: Coeur d'un Poète

I'm an Arts graduate now making a living in the world of business. I've had a passion for poems and stories before all of this. C'est la vie. Bilingue, ENG-FRA.

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