Spark # 2

Hope is sparked when chance is lit,

the flame of beginnings that seeds all life.

For no spark ignites properly

without good fortune to lead in the dark.

A spark starts one path and ends another

when dreams and destiny meet each other.

Sparks fly when hope’s flames are fanned

and fuel desires formerly dormant.


Spark # 1

Pay it forward.

If you are the first,

pass on what you know

and watch what others grow beyond.

If I’m to be your spark of light in the dark,

you need to pass it on after you,

and so on and forth.

Or be the spark in your own dark,

a candle of hope in the personal abyss.

When you set your mind to brighter lights,

your body soon will follow suit.

In the same manner, one being leads,

and others are moved by the guidance of the first.

Leaders are what the followers grow beyond,

sparked to action and passing on what they know.

Pay your love, your hope forward,

be the example you’d want to see in others.

Be the spark that ignites the flames of all,

forever to give without needing to get.

One being does make a difference

when their cause is inclusive and inviting.

Be the being of light they are to emulate.

To you they’ll dedicate, to others they will teach,

and to those they touch amidst darkest treads,

your actions will have been the difference.


Optimism is a business with low demand,
counter to the cheap large supply in pessimism.
While the latter is easier to provide,
the former makes of us far better value.

When you see rain or a cloud in the sky,
do you batter down and brace for the worst,
or do you run out and joyfully pump your fist,
embracing every weather in all their glory?

When we experience constant hardship,
are we to curl and surrender in abandon,
or do we continue our march, pushing ahead,
believing in breakthroughs moving ever so near?

What separates these two sides of a coin,
this divide of pessimism from the optimist,
is the simple currency of belief –
a simple change in faith for good things yet to be.

The Seeds

I recon that personal relationships are like farm soil,

where each date experience nurtures the ground

and sets the stage for a seed to sprout.

A person’s romantic landscape is rather barren

when they’ve gone long stretches of time

without the experiences necessary for the seedings.

Romance requires cultivation of multiple seeds,

some more developed and mature than others,

but that ultimately bring beauty from the fruit of labors.

Two seedings sprouted at the same time will clash

as it is a law of nature and humanity for behaviours so,

and only one seed can fill the space of love.

Love, once grown, only withers when untended to,

when it is dying or lost, with only remnants of lost presence

that nurture the soil for new seeds, just as nature intended.

Love is only as fertile as a person’s being lets it be.

Seeds only grow when the conditions permit,

and when each seed has seen sufficient investment.


Another short poem for your enjoyment!

Night has fallen on the street, just as it does daily.
Streetlights brighten a few dark corners in my view.
All is silent, with only the occasional walker passing by,
taking their dog out for their scheduled urgent business.
They telegraph their presence in the snow,
an exceptional noise for an ordinarily silent scene.
Along the street, a few rooms in each home are lit,
but are nonetheless entirely, blissfully quiet.

This scene is a privilege, the thought of which not lost on me,
having spent so long in the safety of this home.
Everything in sight is frozen in peace and silence,
things not all people have the fortune to experience.
I thank the night for being the calm moment in my life,
as not an end on it’s own, but a renewal and beginning.
All is silent on this street I’ve known for so long,
this suburban landscape forever stored for remembering.

Temptation to React

I react brashly and suddenly

to the situations

I have no control over.

An armchair judge is aimless,

bound to hopelessness

and eternal deprecation of self.

It is easier without care,

letting it be,

And let sleeping dogs lie.

There is no clear benefit

to lashing out

at the news on TV.

There is no real joy

in my reactions

to stupid comments by ignorants.

The scorching temptation to react

is a ploy

to further arm the trolls.

I choose not to care,

to let go

And let their war rage.

They will be their undoing,

without my help

and be those worse off.

Attempting to react is fleeting,

as much so

as are all life’s moments.

Announcing “Follower Spotlight” Series


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Escape from the Demon’s Maw

Notice anything about the structure of this one?


Caught. Hell.

Another long night.

Another Escape, Caught Again.

More hell until an opening.

Freedom. Until the one fatal mistake.

Jungle leaves border the tropical hidden island

that encompasses the lair of the hero’s demons

and their maw that holds the hero anchored whole.

Their only escape is out the patterns of their predictability

and in with new tools and tricks for their breakthrough prosperity.

Each of us has their own demon, their own hell on an island.

It’s up to us alone to leave it, and sail towards greener landmasses.

No one lives well fighting our demons and cycles stuck in the same patterns.

The jungle is treacherous and unforgiving to they who tread on it lightly,

As the maw has teeth to dig in skin and draw back,

it constantly seeks to feed the abyss of their long self-abuse.

One can be slowed or stopped by the island’s traps,

and battered down with fatigue by the long struggle,

that all hope of freedom could fade away

in the blink of a blunt instant.

So reach the shore with perseverance,

Climb on to the lifeboat,

and row away, before

a renewed capture,

Renewed hell,



What do you think about this statement? Agree or disagree?

Anonymity on the internet

is like having a wallet.

It’s an important tool you have

and the first thing you stress for.

It stores your identity safely

and protects your finances.

But make one tiny mistake

and you risk losing it forever.