Centers of Thought

I like meditation. It's not something I do for religious reasons; I just find it soothing. But sometimes, this breathing exercises "breathes" new life to thoughts we thought buried in our minds. This poem speaks of such a case.



I wasn't sure if I had written and/or posted a poem called "Fallout" earlier. I've tentatively named this one "Fallout II" as a consequence, but it could easily be a precursor title of what's to come in the text. Consequence must be spoken. Things that are unpleasant are too often left unsaid.

Do not go gentle into that good night, by Dylan Thomas

New feature I'm testing out for the blog. I will be posting some old poems from other authors every now and then that I feel deserve some appreciation. I have a disclaimer at the bottom that indicates that this is not my poem, in case that isn't clear. I will repeat the pattern for every historical poem I wish to post in order to cover my hide. So please don't sue me. Thank you! 🙂